The Types and Basic Components of a Video Door System!

A video door phone system can be used for a single occupancy house or a multiple occupant apartment building. These are the best form of access control systems where the occupant solely decides who should be given access to enter the building premises.

Elements of Video Door Entry System:

Outdoor Panel:

This is installed next to the entrance door. As they are installed outside, the equipment of outdoor panels needs to survive in extreme weather conditions.

A micro camera will be used to capture the visitor’s footage. The microphone will pick up the visitor’s words that will be heard through an indoor speaker.

Electronic Lock Release:

A push button will be used to trigger the electronic lock. Giving access to the visitor is possible with the help of the electronic lock release. It is mandatory to install a Video Door Phone with Lock V for utmost safety.

Indoor Monitor:

The indoor monitor will show who is visiting. With the help of the speaker the occupant can listen to what the visitor is saying.

Video Door System classification based on security levels:

Level 1

These video door systems will be present at the common entrance of a community building or establishment. The guard at the front gate will be responsible for allowing visitors enter the premises.

Level 2

This access level will help the visitor enter the lobby. Most times, the visitor will have to input the flat number and the flat owner is asked to grant visitor access to the lobby.

Level 3

This level of security is where the visitor directly communicates with the occupants of the house or flat. These are installed just outside the house door or office entrance.

Types of TTechnologies Used in Video Door Systems:

Standalone Video Door system

These systems are used for single houses or standalone establishments:

  1. Analog Video Door system
  2. Digital Video Door System
  3. Wireless Video Door System

Multi apartment Video Door System –

This is most commonly seen in places of shared habitation:

  1. Analog Multi Apartment system
  2. IP Video Digital system, multi apartment system

Factors of Video Door Phone Installation-

  • Integration – The video door phone must be able to integrate with alarms, video supervision systems and many more security systems.
  • Durability – The video door phone system will be installed outside the main entrance. The elements of the system must be able to endure harsh weather conditions
  • Safety – The system should not be prone to easy intrusion by hackers. The camera must be of high quality night vision features.

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