The Functioning of Smart Door Lock Systems:

Digital door lock provides cheaper and easy installation security options for residential complexes and office buildings that need an access control system. The smart lock can replace the use of keys and cards while entering a building premise. The need to carry keys and entry cards can be eliminated by using the smart door lock India.

Types of Smart Lock:

  • Electronic smart lock- These locks function on power supplied by a battery or the main power supply
  • Mechanical smart lock- These functions with the help of mechanical push buttons.

Types of Electronic Digital Lock:

  • Keypad – In this type, you need to enter a PIN or password to enter the locked area
  • Biometric System- This smart door lock India uses unique physical and behavioral traits like fingerprints, voice, iris of a human being to authenticate their entry into the area. The fingerprint door lock India will match the live fingerprint input data with the information present in the database. The fingerprint door lock India will not allow people to enter if the match is not found in the database.
  • Smart Cards – This type of lock is usually used for hotel rooms or office bays. The barcode on the smart card is scanned to authenticate and verify a person’s access rights.

The digital door locks India can be installed on UPVC doors, timber doors, glass doors, aluminium doors or external doors. Sometimes, certain smart locks can only be installed on some specific doors. Make sure you hire a smart lock installer who knows the suitable materials and the kind of lock your area needs.

The best digital door locks India are built to overcome heavy usage and extreme crowds. These door locks will withstand and can be relied even on the worst or best traffic days.

The Pros of using a Digital Lock for Doors:

  • Keys can be permanently eliminated. This reduces chances of intrusion burglars or problems associated with missing keys.
  • The door lock system can be easily installed on internal and external doors.
  • The digital door lock provides faster access into the area.
  • Do not require additional hardware to support the system.
  • Suitable for low budget security systems. Smart locks can be installed in place of high profile security setups like CCTVs and complicated access control systems. You can also use a combination of one or more smart lock to provide higher security.
  • The door lock system can be reinstalled or updated with new access rules quickly. This helps change the setup each time you feel the smart lock has been attacked by intruders.Also, access rules can be reprogrammed each time a member of the staff is added or leaves.
  • You can program the smart lock to function differently during different times. For eg. a location can be accessed by all during the day while they can be accessed by limited members at night.
  • However, a common man will need to hire an external organization each time he has some issue with the smart lock. Also, if a person has inadequate knowledge about smart lock operations; they are easily susceptible to intruder attacks. Star Unisafe is a skilled and reliable, smart lock installation service provider. We make sure that we provide timely maintenance, Programme upgrading and anti spoofing solutions.

Where are Smart Locks Used?

You will find smart lockers in hospitals, schools, office premises. These places will have smart locks with different access rights on different doors. For eg. Only a surgeon and selected nurses should have access into the room designated for surgery.

The place where medicines are kept will have only high profile access rights. Most of these places provide access rights based on the person’s job roles. Rely on Star Unisafe to provide an end to end installation and maintenance of smart door locks at schools, offices, hospitals or any other location.