About Us

Star Unisafe has been at the forefront of providing reliable electronic security and surveillance management solutions for the last four years. We work towards creating a  secure environment for commercial and residential complexes located in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad.

With a team of qualified engineers and technicians, we are making rapid strides in the installation and maintenance of security services. We offer our quality services for the installation of CCTV surveillance systems, biometric scanners, access control systems, digital door locks, home automation, GPS trackers, and RFID technology applications.

Our customer service support is rapid and helps all our customers tackle technical issues instantly. In the last four years, we have gained innumerable experience and have overcome every challenge that came our way. Our engineers choose the right hardware enhanced with accurate software algorithms for all our clients.

We also offer instant repair and servicing support at regular intervals. Moreover, our company provides the client with all the training and post-installation support required to operate these systems.

Our mission is to support our clients with an extensive range of security solutions to enhance safety with utmost customer satisfaction.